Are You Planning A Move?

  • Why You Need A Moving Checklist

    28 December 2017

    Moving is a pretty complicated thing, and it can get pretty chaotic if you don't have a checklist for it. Here are some of the specific reasons you need a moving checklist: To Help You Understand the Scope of the Work If you have never moved house before, then it is easy for you to underestimate the scope of the work. Moving is pretty complicated; you need to get the right packing items, pack your boxes to ensure your goods are safe in transit, make sure the moving truck can get to your front door and use the least amount of money while doing all these.

  • 5 Tips For Moving During The Winter

    17 December 2017

    Are you buying a home in the middle of the winter? If so, you'll find yourself needing to move at a time when it is most likely snowing outside.  While the weather conditions are not ideal, here are some tips for moving during the winter. Take Temperature Sensitive Items With You When the temperature outside reaches subzero levels, you should start thinking about any items that can be damaged due to being outside in the cold for too long, such as items with liquids inside them.