Are You Planning A Move?

Why You Need A Moving Checklist

by Chad Stanley

Moving is a pretty complicated thing, and it can get pretty chaotic if you don't have a checklist for it. Here are some of the specific reasons you need a moving checklist:

To Help You Understand the Scope of the Work

If you have never moved house before, then it is easy for you to underestimate the scope of the work. Moving is pretty complicated; you need to get the right packing items, pack your boxes to ensure your goods are safe in transit, make sure the moving truck can get to your front door and use the least amount of money while doing all these. By creating a checklist that includes the list of things to do, you will be forced to evaluate the scope of the work in front of you so that you can better prepare for it.

So That You Don't Forget Some of the Tasks

By far, the best thing about a checklist is that it forces you to remember everything you had planned to do before and on the moving day. With the right checklist, you will not get to the big day only to realize that the packing materials are not there or you have not collected those books you had lent to a colleague at work. This is because you will be checking every task on your checklist as you accomplish them one by one.

To Help You Get an Accurate Moving Quote

No one wants to receive a moving quote only to realize that they had underestimated the number of items they have; in such a case, don't be surprised if the actual cost of moving shoots up on the moving day. Unfortunately, this is likely to happen to you if you don't have a moving checklist. This is because you may forget about items outside your home (loaned to friends or kept in self-storage), yard furniture or even some of your items stored in the basement. Creating a checklist forces you to think about all of these items so that you can get an accurate moving quote.

To Help You Declutter the Home

Lastly, a checklist will also force you to declutter your home so that you can get rid of unnecessary items and also lower your cost of moving. This is because when creating the checklist of things to include in the move, you will come across the items that you should get rid of, and you can plan on how to get rid of them during this time.

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