Are You Planning A Move?

Staging Moving Boxes: Four Strategies To Use

by Chad Stanley

When it comes to preparing for your move, having your boxes staged properly can help the process go faster. Use the following tips to get your boxes ready and staged for your moving company so the movers can get everything loaded quickly and efficiently.

Stack Along Room Perimeters

Stacking boxes along the perimeters of each room provides more space for your movers to stack each box on dollies. Stack boxes along the walls in bedrooms, and create a wall of boxes in areas with open floor plans. Set fragile items away from the rest of your boxes so they can be loaded last. You won't want fragile items to be stacked along with boxes of heavy books, as this may damage the items.

Sort By Room

In some cases, you'll want to stage all of your boxes in one main area of the home. As you begin to stack them in the living room, entryway, or dining room, be sure that they are sorted by room. While labeling boxes according to which room they go in is helpful, sorting by room ensures that all of the boxes for each living space are unloaded at the same time. This means that your movers will transport everything from the master bedroom in one group, kitchen items in another, and so on.

Organize By Weight And Contents

Sorting each stack of boxes by weight can also be a big help to the movers. They won't have to shuffle items around and rearrange them on the truck, and you can feel more confident that your items will be stacked in a way that prevents damage. Keep large, heavy boxes in separate stacks, and place lightweight or fragile boxes in their own piles. Use packing tape and paper to label each stack by weight so the movers know which stack to start with in each room.

Set Aside Essentials

Think about which boxes you want loaded onto the truck last as you sort your items. You may want to load boxes packed with bedding, towels, linens, and kitchen items last so they come off the moving truck first. This gives you a chance to start setting up each room in the home while the movers continue to unload the rest of your items. Stack these items in a separate pile with a note to pack last.

Talk to local movers about the strategies they employ to load moving trucks, and use that information to determine the best way to stage your boxes for moving day.