Are You Planning A Move?

5 Tips For Moving During The Winter

by Chad Stanley

Are you buying a home in the middle of the winter? If so, you'll find yourself needing to move at a time when it is most likely snowing outside.  While the weather conditions are not ideal, here are some tips for moving during the winter.

Take Temperature Sensitive Items With You

When the temperature outside reaches subzero levels, you should start thinking about any items that can be damaged due to being outside in the cold for too long, such as items with liquids inside them. Consider taking these things with you so that they go directly from a heated car to a heated home.  It is not worth damaging an item because it sat outside for too long in the cold.

Don't Pack Away Your Shovel

Your new home most likely has not had the sidewalks shoveled in a long time, which can make it difficult to get to the front door with all your belongings.  Be sure to keep the snow shovel out of your packed items and take it with you.  You'll most likely find yourself needing to quickly shovel a path to the front door once you arrive.

If there is no snow in the forecast for your moving day, consider heading over to your new home the night before and shoveling the walkways in advance

Lay Down Boards Outside

Even with the path cleared, it will be difficult to move dollies in and out of your home. It will help to have plywood on hand that you can lay down on the ground to create an easy path straight to the moving truck. In addition, the boards will help protect your new home's lawn from all the foot traffic that it will see.

Cover The Floors

You'll be looking to move things into the home quickly, especially if it is snowing outside.  It will help to cover the floors in the home with plastic so that you do not track dirty snow into your new home.  You can buy strips of plastic that are taped directly to the floor, which will create paths for people to walk across as they take boxes into your home. 

Hire Movers

This is one time that you will definitely need the assistance of movers.   If you are not prepared to move in the snow, having a team of professionals with experience with winter moving will help everything go smoothly.  Even having the additional manpower can help speed up the entire job.

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