Are You Planning A Move?

Moving A Long Distance? Know The Following 3 Things

by Chad Stanley

Gearing up for a move across the country? You are going to need to hire long-distance movers to get the job done. Here are some things you should know to help ensure that things go smoothly.

Know That Your Move Is Priced Based On Contents Weight

If you have only moved locally, you may be aware that local movers are going to charge you an hourly rate and the cost of the move is based on how much time it takes. The more stuff you have to move will result in a bigger bill at the end because it takes more time to move it. However, a long-distance move is billed very differently. 

The bulk of your cost for a long-distance move is going to be based on the weight of your items. The moving truck is weighed before the truck is loaded and once again afterward, which lets the movers know exactly how much cargo they are carrying. This means that you can reduce the cost of a move by how much stuff you take with you. Many people decide to purge their belongings before a move so they are not paying to take items with them that they don't need.

Know That The Time Of The Year Can Impact The Cost

Long-distance moving companies have busy and slow times, with late spring, summer, and early fall being very popular times. As moving trucks become unavailable due to demand, the cost can go up along with it. This is because many families look to move in between their kid's grade levels at school and because the warmer months make the move easier. If you're looking to save money, consider moving at an off time of year when long-distance movers are not busy. You may find that rates are more competitive as they try to win over your business.

Know That You Can Ship Your Vehicle

Not looking forward to making the long drive to your new home? Know that it's possible to ship your vehicle and fly to your destination. This can make the move a much more enjoyable experience since you can time out when your belongings will arrive and when your flight will get in. It may involve staying with a friend or family member for a day or two, but it will cut out all of the driving you have to do and potential hotel stays along the way. 

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