Are You Planning A Move?

Commercial Moving Services

by Chad Stanley

It can take weeks or months of searching for a new office space that is suitable. A location may be selected because it's in a busier area or the terms of the rental agreement are better. Companies may make a permanent move when they buy one or more commercial properties. Here are a few benefits of using commercial movers.

Sales Disruption

Companies who try to save on costs and move themselves often are out of business for several weeks. Rely on the experience of commercial movers to prevent a complete business shutdown for an extended period of time during the move. The commercial movers will be able to give specific timeframes for the move and when the business will be fully moved in.

Floor Plan

The business owner may have a general idea of where furniture, equipment, and files are supposed to be placed. The movers will be able to document the location and contents of all packed items. Commercial moving services will have the layout of the new office location. They will create a floor plan of where all items will be placed. This floor plan ensures that there is enough space in each area and that nothing gets lost. The movers can reach out to current property owners to discuss furniture items or fixtures that need to stay on the site.


Businesses rely heavily on specific items to be able to provide a product or service to their customers. Extra packaging and care is given by commercial movers when transporting electronics, computers, and trade-specific machinery. Always let the movers know when oversized items will need to be transported. Special moving equipment is often available for moving larger tech equipment that processes data, antiques, or valuable items kept on display within the business can be moved.


Business moving services have carefully screened all employees. These detailed background checks help give clients confidence that paperwork will be kept secure. Paperwork filed in cabinets and other sensitive paperwork is movable.

Reach out to commercial movers for a price quote and planning session. Commercial movers will need extra information before moving day. The commercial moving services will create an interior floor plan. Everything will have a designated place before it moves from its current location. The quote will include an insurance amount that is standard with the move. Commercial moving services allow additional insurance to be purchased. Use these tips when securing upcoming dates for a commercial move.