Are You Planning A Move?

Are You Moving To A New State? 3 Benefits Of Using Professional Services During The Pandemic

by Chad Stanley

Moving during a pandemic might not have been in your plans, but it is happening now. A move to another state has always been complicated, and the current pandemic is making things even more stressful for people. At first glance, it may be tempting to just handle the move yourself rather than having a team of people come into your house. However, hiring a professional out-of-state moving service provides you with benefits that you cannot always get by trying to do things on your own.

Choose Your Preferred Method of Travel

Depending upon how far you are moving, driving a truck could place you in several risky situations. The drive to your new location may be long enough that you are forced to stay in hotels for several days, which exposes you to more people. A long drive could also cause you to have to stop for gas, restroom breaks, and meals. Hiring professional drivers gives you more options for how you want to get to your new location. In some situations, you may feel safer flying, and letting someone else drive the truck gives you that option. If you do drive your own car, you may be able to skip a few stops since your vehicle might have better gas mileage than a huge moving truck and you'll be able to maintain a normal speed.

Stay in Compliance With State Guidelines

Things are rapidly changing throughout the United States. Some states are now issuing recommended and mandatory quarantine orders for anyone traveling through them that stops for the night. Others are requesting people to wear face coverings or to avoid going to certain places. The professional movers stay on top of these changing orders and can help you to know how to stay in compliance during your travels.

Feel Confident About Hygiene and Safety

Hiring a couple of strong college kids from your neighborhood might have been an option in the past, but it could be risky to do so now. Amateur movers and day laborers are not always properly trained on how to protect families from illness during a move. Professional moving companies take their role as an essential business seriously. You should witness your movers doing things such as wearing face coverings and using hand sanitizer as they move your belongings. They'll also be willing to work with you regarding any concerns. If you have questions about how they prevent the virus, then just ask. You should hear them tell you additional ways that they protect customers such as only allowing crew members to work when they are symptom-free.