Are You Planning A Move?

Reclaim Your Garage With Self-Storage

by Chad Stanley

Is your garage so jam-packed with stuff you can't even use it for something more than storing junk? If you're like most people, even when you go through your things and pare down your belongings, you probably still end up with more stuff than space. Imagine what you could do with your garage if you put all those boxes of seasonal things, clothes to grow into, and old high school memorabilia crates in self-storage instead.

1. Create an Art Studio

With the clutter removed from your garage and tucked away at your new self-storage unit, you now have the space to turn your empty garage into the art studio of your dreams. Whether you want to work with clay, create pottery, and throw it in your very own kiln, take up oil painting, or simply have one space large enough to contain all your craft supplies, your now-empty garage is a great place to do it.

2. Turn It into a Sauna

If your garage is detached from your house, you have the perfect set up to convert your garage into a relaxing sauna. When your muscles are sore, fire up the wood stove and throw some water on the rocks as you sit on the bench and soak up the hot steam.

And if your garage is attached to the house, you can still create a sauna by using an electric heat source instead of wood. You can also consider installing a hot tub, perfect for soothing aching joints and enjoying the therapeutic energy of powerful water jets.

3. Construct an Epic She-Shed or Man Cave

No shed out back? No worries when your junk is in storage and your garage is a clean slate awaiting your magic touch. Your empty garage is the perfect size for making a relaxing, tranquil, and serene she-shed where you can grab your knitting needles or bottle of wine and escape the children for a while.

Your own she-shed is also the perfect spot to invite your girlfriends over for a weekly gab fest or discuss the latest book you're reading. All the neighborhood moms will want to come visit your she-shed.

Alternatively, maybe the man of the house needs somewhere to escape to. Cozy recliners, beer fridge, and a big screen television will fit the bill. This space will provide plenty of opportunity to watch action movies, play video games with the kids, and hang with your buddies on the weekend.

Don't let your garage space go to waste housing the artificial Christmas tree, ornaments, and plastic wading pool. Haul it all to self-storage and make the best of the extra square footage you gain for enjoying life.