Are You Planning A Move?

How To Get Freight Shipped To A Destination Sooner

by Chad Stanley

Shipping belongings or oversized personal items long distances is never easy. There are almost a half dozen different ways to ship something via freight shipping, and all of them come with a price tag and a ship date that does not always work for you. How can you get freight forwarding of items faster for less? It is a tricky situation, but here are a few options.

Hire a Company That Has Driving Teams Working for Them

Driving teams are teams of two that both sit in and take turns driving a truck. While one person rests and sleeps, the other drives. It speeds up the process of shipping by several days and hours, a serious benefit for customers and consumers. However, there is not a lot of to be heard about companies that engage in this practice unless you are looking to hire extra drivers for team driving, or you are a driver looking for this kind of job opportunity. Do some digging around, and you will eventually come up with the names of freight forwarding companies that have team drivers who can bring your items to a specified destination faster than any other shipping company. The cost for this type of shipping is often the same or slightly less than most other means of shipping. 

Engage a Friend Who Can Fly Planes

Know anybody who can fly a plane? Chances are good that if you have a friend that can fly, you can get them to find a cargo plane and then pay them to fly your freight items to a destination. The cost would be the jet fuel and possibly the rental of a cargo plane, not to mention that it might be really nice to pay your friend something for their time. If you are really lucky, your friend already has a cargo plane and can fly your stuff anywhere for the cost of time and fuel. 

Drive It Yourself

Not many people can drive a commercial vehicle. If you can drive a semi and can find one to move your stuff, that saves you a lot in time and money. If all you need is a moving truck (not a semi, just big box), and you can drive that, you can still move it yourself. Otherwise, if you have time, you could learn to drive freight shipping trucks and then get a license to move everything yourself.