Are You Planning A Move?

Four Types Of Items To Leave Behind When You Move

by Chad Stanley

Whether you are moving out of an apartment or a house, there are some things that you should be willing to leave behind. Here's a look at the items you don't always have to take with you.

Warranties And Owner's Manuals

Warranties and owner's manuals for items in the home, such as appliances, flooring, or a new roof, won't do you much good after you move out. However, they can be beneficial for the next tenant or owner. Gather up these items and leave them in a place they can be easily found, such as on the kitchen counter. Leave a note on top of the stack to let your movers know these items don't need to be boxed up and taken to your new home.

Small Appliances

If there are small appliances in the home that you will not need in your new one, consider leaving them for the next person living in the home. These items might include a countertop microwave or a toaster oven. Leave a note listing the reason you are leaving the item behind, such as your new home already has a built-in microwave. If you are moving out of an apartment, check with the landlord before leaving these items behind. In some cases, a landlord might charge a fee for having to remove items you leave in the dwelling.

Large Appliances

If you are selling your home, leaving large appliances might pay off for a couple of reasons. You won't have to pay your moving company extra to carry these heavy items into a new home, which can save money on the total cost of your move. You may also be able to sell the appliances as part of your home's selling price. This will give you additional money you can use to order brand new appliances for your new home. Leaving the appliances behind also makes sense if they won't fit in your new house or if they simply won't work. For example, a gas stove won't work in a home with electric appliance hookups, so it isn't a great idea to take this item with you.

Paints, Wood Stain, And Other Home Improvement Supplies

If you used paint, wood stain, or any other home improvement supplies to customize the look of the home, consider leaving the extras behind for the next person living in the home. The paint and wood stains can be used to touch up areas as needed, or they can be used to match the color at the hardware store when the home needs a fresh coat. You can also leave behind partially used rolls of shelf liner in the kitchen, water softener pellets for the home's water softener, and any other supplies that are needed specifically for that home.

When leaving items behind in the apartment or house, be sure to place them in an area that's separate from stacks of moving boxes. This will help prevent your movers from loading the items onto the moving truck. You may also want to consider leaving a note for the next people living in the home to share just how much your family loved calling it home.